Saturday, May 21, 2011

A day in a college

There is a school, in a highland ner of mount bawakaraeng, south sulawesi. it is one of the best school in east Indonesia, only 77 kilometers from makassar, south sulawesi capital city, my ambition to enter the school named SMA Negeri 2 Tinggimoncong because i wanna start a new part of my life whereas i will not always follow my parents to move and move to some city in indonesia, it's a great suppose, i will do my life my self.
The adventure started when i signing up to this school, it is my first time to malino, a small city in a highland where the school is located. I spent two hours to arrive in this school, i couldn't see the school from the highway, but after entered a little i see a school wuth different type than others school, the place is cold because it is located in highland, i went there with my friends and my friend's parents, i signed up first than my friends and fortunately, the school accepted me to follow the test, but other destiny came to my friends, they didn't accept. so we came home to makassar with only one test card so i will lonely follow the test from smp 3 makassar, i know that my friends was so disappointed, but what can i do, it was the school regulation.
Next week i came back to the school to follow the test, but that time i came with my family, leave for makassar at ten pm, and arrive at malino at 12 am, it spent 3 hours, an hour lately than before, but at night, i might to sleep in the school college and follow the test tommorow morning and join interview at noon. my family left me, just like other participants and the day got darker. there was four students i a room, but one of my room friend moved to another room, so there was three students in my room, included me, on of my friend named qowy, he was my first friend there, he is a student from a pesantren in pangkep, also in south sulawesi, we shared our story to each other at night when we was refreshing, because we must study hard to follow the test tomorrow, but i was not study really hard because i wanna keep my health tomorrowk, i might not tired. when the the night get late, i fall a sleep. it was my first experience in a college.
tomorrow morning i got up at 4 am, and took a bath directly, but unfortunately the water was very cold, because i was not in the city again, i was in the highland,but it is not a big trouble for me because i was born in a highland in aceh. at 6 am i have breakfast with my room friends, i chose fried rice for my breakfast, in fact there was two choice fried rice and yellow rice. after that i went to my class room directly to follow the test, i came early because i didn't wanna late, i pass the test with 2,5 hours in front of 100 exercises. after that i was interviewed by the teacher. after the test is over, i came back to makassar, but my fatger could not fetch me, so u must get to makassar by minibus called "pete-pete", it was not a good experience but tomorrow is the announcement time for the new student selection in the newspaper, i read the newspaper proudly and tell to my parents immediately because there was my test number in the announcement of the new students selection, i am admitted, and next day, my friends in that school tell me that i get the first rank in the test.

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